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Advertising Internship Resume

Advertising intern is a student or a recent graduate who get training under the supervision of a qualified and expert supervisor. An internship is a great chance for the candidate to get first hand experience during the final year of education. The intern may involve in all creative activities about marketing campaigns, presentations, designing, planning and analysis. The interns should be ready to work with the team and take fulfill all responsibilities assigned to them. If you want to do an internship in an advertising company, then you need to write a resume to showcase your skills and abilities. It is important to know how to leverage your skills and accomplishments because an employer wants something unique in entry level candidates.

What a resume should have for winning results?

It may be an irresistible experience to write a resume that can give actual ideas of your skills and abilities to employers in just 10 seconds. Your resume should immediately grab the attention of the potential employer; therefore, you should put together all your skills and abilities to draft an effective resume. The resume will help you to show that you are the perfect person for the job.

Give a Strong Start

You need to include all personal details in the advertising internship resume, and mention all important details at the top. Try to choose a simple font of 16 points in order to give a professional look to your resume.

Focus on the Main Qualifications

Carefully read the requirements of the internship and focus on the main qualifications. It is important to focus on the main qualifications to show that you have appropriate knowledge to work in the industry. You need to find out the requirements of the industry to display your skills and accomplishments for the employer.

Mention Relevant Experience

It is significant to mention relevant experience in the resume by designing a separate section for this. The requirements of relevant experience may vary, but you need to include everything required for the job. This section should include internships, volunteer experience, coursework, community service projects and other relevant activities to the particular job.

Keep Your Resume Concise

Try to be very specific in describing your resume because your employer will not like to read detailed stories. There is no need to include clinches like duties and responsibilities. Point out your experience and responsibilities in a concise way. Write action verbs, personal pronouns and articles.

Proofread Your Resume

The resume should be free from spelling and grammatical errors because it is one of the most important documents. The resume should have perfect information from all aspects because any error will ruin your impression; therefore, read your resume twice before sending it.

Quantify Your Success and Achievements

The employers love to see the quantify results; therefore, you should give a numeric indicator of your success. For instance, you can write an increase in sales by 30% in last year by selling 150 electric heaters. It is important to write dollars, percentage and annual goals clarify your statement.

Here is a sample Advertising Internship Resume created using MS Word,

Advertising Internship Resume

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