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Army Recruiter Resume

Just like any other organization or company, army is also a very important part for a nation or country. We are not going to talk about the responsibilities or importance of army in a country but we will only focus on the importance of the army recruiter. This is the employee that hires employees for general purposes in the army headquarters. It can be anything from recruiting new army personnel in the department to the employees that perform other duties such as cooking, cleaning, security, accounting and finance. An army recruiter is the one that hires each and every person in an army.

Job Responsibilities of an Army Recruiter:

  • Looking for the vacant posts inside the army and coming up with the number of employees needed in each department.
  • Carefully analyzing each vacant position and then enlisting the job responsibilities for it.
  • Giving proper advertisement in the local or national newspapers to get applications.
  • Collecting all the applications and selecting most suitable applicants among all.
  • Calling for interview and making sure to only hire the most appropriate ones.
  • Training the new hired staff according to their job title and appointing them to the right place.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Army Recruiter Resume created using MS Word,

Army Recruiter Resume

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Salary of an Army Recruiter:

It is pretty obvious that army of each country and nation has its own pay scales and it is not possible to talk about the exact salary of an army recruiter as he is also a part of the army department but we can analyze the salary ranges from around the world and as we take an average range, it’s around $35000 per year on the early stages of the career. As the personnel is promoted to higher ranks, the salary goes up to $50000 in some cases and around $65000 in some other cases. This usually depends on the location and the economy of a nation that how much it can pay to its army employees. Also, it’s important to add that the salary usually includes number of additional incentives that aren’t included in the above figures and it is the basic salary range without any bonuses or incentives.

Here are the guidelines to create an Army Recruiter Resume:

  • Use single page resume and don’t use font smaller than 10pt. avoid using more than one color or different fonts.
  • If you have a lot of experience, only list the most important jobs. Write your accomplishments and goals you achieved instead of work duties.
  • Enlist all of your education and achievements during the studying period like extra certificated of recruitment career.
  • Write your own objective instead of just copy pasting an existing one.

Elements not to include in this Resume:

  • Don’t use a resume which contains more than one page because extra information just makes it look boring.
  • Don’t put too much information about your personal life because no one will have time to read all that.
  • Make sure that you don’t add more than 2 pages in the resume and even if you have more information and details to talk about, keep them for final interview call.
  • Always use a single font in the entire resume and only one color. It’s never a good idea to use different color or font for each heading or subheading.
  • There is no need to add a photo in the resume.