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20 Free Certified Public Accountant Resume Samples

Certified Public Accountant Resume

When we discuss the finances or financial resources of a company or organization, Certified Public Accountants or CPAs are responsible for handing these responsibilities and duties. These are the highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand how a business should be run and how to allocate finances, cut budgets, work

Medical Billing Manager Resume

Medical Billing Manager Resume

Typical duties and responsibilities of a Medical Billing Manager is to receive payments from individual patients and insurance companies on behalf of the doctors and physicians and hospitals but one might wonder, why don’t they use collection agencies and why a Billing Manager is crucial for this position. In order

Cashier Resume

Cashier is the person who deals with the checks and cash at places such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, grocery stores and we can also find these employees in companies, businesses and organizations. Cashier is the employee who has good knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping and he is the one

Bookkeeping Clerk Resume

There are dozens of account related tasks that the senior accounting or bookkeeping staff can’t handle or doesn’t have time to handle. In order to provide assistance to senior staff with this type of low profile or less important tasks, bookkeeping clerks are hired. Job Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper Clerk: Supporting and

Credit Manager Resume

Most of the companies run and operate on credit and it’s the bank or finance corporation that lends them the credit to conduct the business. Being a credit manager, it’s your job to access, analyze and research on the clients and get to know their credit history so that there

Actuary Analyst Resume

Actuary Analyst Resume

An Actuarial analyst is accountable for examining irregularities into the information, applying the information, matching along with other people, should be able to participate in evaluation of company's data, responsible for a pricing and other policies for the firm, and really should have the ability to help the group when